Provides unparalleled flexibility through its meticulously crafted modular architecture.


Serves as a robust, elegant, and well-structured foundation for all kinds of server-side applications.


Introduces design patterns and well-established solutions to the Node.js landscape.

Everything you need..

Build robust, powerful, and scalable server-side applications and stop reinventing the wheel.


Streamline upkeep by organizing applications into self-contained modules.


Scale seamlessly with an efficient, battle-tested components.

Dependency injection

Elevate testability with a sophisticated dependency injection system.

Type safety

Mitigate errors through the robust type safety features of TypeScript.

Rich ecosystem

Explore a rich ecosystem offering versatile tools to craft solutions tailored to your needs.


Trusted by thousands of leading companies and organizations worldwide.


Create loosely coupled, independently deployable services for increased agility and scalability.

Web apps

Build REST APIs, GraphQL APIs, Queues, and real-time & event-driven applications in no time.

The open source platform designed for the future. Build enterprise.

A complete development kit for building scalable server-side apps. Contact us to find out more about expertise consulting, on-site enterprise support, trainings, and private sessions.

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